Kayak Adventures with Sea-Blades – A little hope in Hopedale

My last fishing trip was some of the best redfishing I have ever experienced in my kayak. It really didn’t matter what I threw at them, the fish were biting. Read about my trip to Pointe Aux Chene in this link…

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Only a few times in my life have I ever done really well fishing in one area and gone back to the same place the next day or within a week.  Actually I can name them…Fishing for bass at Old River with my dad and uncle when the Mississippi River reached a certain level.  We would head straight across from Old River landing to a canal that was full of crawfish, duckseed and hungry bass.  Throw a slugo or plastic frog on that duckseed and wait for the action to happen.  We must have went to that same location for weeks, and when the river levels dropped the bite was off.

The other time was when the temps dropped below freezing for a couple days in a row, I went down to the Reggio Canal bridge and caught a limit of Redfish in 10 minutes.  I took my dad the next day and the banks were packed with other fisherman, but we still caught our two man limit.

So that was the dilemma I was facing while planning my latest trip.  I could go back to PAC and probably do just as good as I did last time, or I could head to some waters I had never been before.  Hopedale Lagoon was intriguing.  I’ve fished Shell Beach and the Biloxi Marsh out of Hopedale Marina but I’d never gone into the lagoon.

I was off from work the whole week so I could basically pick my day.  I choose Tuesday the 18th because the weather looked really nice and it was supposed to start raining later in the week.

I got to Pips Boat Launch at about 6:15am, way before anyone else. Most boats were headed down to the marina at Hopedale but a few did stop and launch at Pips.  I paid the $5 lauch fee for kayaks and headed up the canal to the lagoon.  I actually got a bite in canal just trolling a top water bait, I thought that was a good sign! Well I was wrong.

It was picture perfect…Dead calm, water was clear as glass and there was some decent cloud cover.  Only problem I could see was there was very little to no tide movement at all.

So I headed west out of the canal and pedaled while I fished. (I learned later that I should’ve headed east out of the canal.)  No bites, no bait movement, no birds flying around.  Just boats moving back and forth from spot to spot looking for fish.  There was a point in the lagoon that should have been holding fish, I saw numerous boats fishing it throughout the day but the reports were negative.  Like I said earlier, I’ve never fished here so I went into explore mode.  You can see by my track I went almost 8 nautical miles in the yak.

About 3 hours into the trip I finally saw some action on the water.  This big guy was enjoying his morning swim in the warming waters of a shallow pond.

Another hour into the trip and still no bites, but I got to a pond that had fish in it…I just couldn’t get them to attack anything.  It’s pretty frustrating to be able to see fish and not get them to hit, I did this dance for about 45 minutes until I gave up and started heading back.

On the way in I found an entrance to a pond that had some moving water flowing out of it.  So I put old reliable on: dead shrimp on a jig head.  Literally the first cast into the opening I was hooked up with a nice redfish.  I wasn’t going to get skunked today!

About 30 minutes later, that was the only fish to hit in that spot.  I pedaled back around that point I mentioned before and fished it for about 15 minutes, but nothing hit.  I saw another kayaker fishing the opposite side of the lagoon, our paths crossed as we got to the entrance of the canal.  I asked if he had any luck and he said it just wasn’t his day.  Well turns out it wasn’t a lot of our days.  One other kayak fisherman told me he had three redfish in the boat and no trout, but he fished the eastern side of the lagoon.

You fish and you learn!  Next time I head to Hopedale Lagoon I may just head east and see what is in store.

If you like what you see, send me an email at cblades@wafb.com or if you are looking to do a little kayak fishing I’m always looking for a fishing buddy.  Tight lines ya’ll.