IT’S OFFICIAL! Baton Rouge Zoo names new baby giraffe ‘Burreaux’ after public contest

The Baton Rouge Zoo has officially named its new baby giraffe Burreaux after a public naming contest.

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo on Thursday, Dec. 26 welcomed a male reticulated giraffe. (Source: BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo)

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The public voted for Burreaux after LSU’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow.

The Top 3 Finalists were Romeo, Burreaux, and Kiume (Swahili for masculine and strong).

The public voted for their favored giraffe calf name by making a donation to Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo. Over $2,000 was raised and all donations will go toward conservation efforts.

Burreaux was born Thursday, Dec. 26. to first-time mother, Rosie, and a 13-year-old father, Rowan. His birth marks the 20th giraffe born at the Baton Rouge Zoo and the first giraffe successfully born in Baton Rouge since 2001.

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