How you can help your local business

Small businesses need our help.

Let’s be honest, the Coronavirus is changing the way we live. Many if not all small businesses are on edge and worried about surviving this event. Together, small businesses make up a key cornerstone of our communities. During this time, take pause and read these easy and simple steps to help keep these entrepreneurs going.

1. Give the gift. Purchase several gift cards at your favorite local businesses. You can use the gift cards later once the virus passes and you can give them out to friends and encourage them to shop.

2. Love the subscription even though you may not use it for a little while. From the gym to music lessons to painting classes, keep your memberships going. Small businesses rely on those memberships to stay afloat. Work with them to find out when the less busy times occur or reschedule the lessons.

3. Watch out for scams. Some may try to take advantage of you and the small business.

Shop Online

4. Shop their online store. Web sales could help save a company from going under. Check into their delivery options.

5. Look for discounts. Follow your favorite small business on social media. They might offer a to-go discount once in a while.

6. Buy now then pickup later. If there’s something you’ve been looking at and afraid to go out and purchase it, call up the business and buy it then ask them to hold on to it until you feel more comfortable going out and picking it up.

Order food to go or get it delivered

7. For restaurants, order a meal.  Then pick it up, go through drive-thru or get it delivered. If you get food delivered, you can request for the delivery person to leave your meal right outside your door.

8. Tip a little extra. A lot of people from delivery drivers to hairstylists and more are seeing a drop in business.

9. Ask how you can help. Drop your favorite store a message and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. They may have ideas specific to them.

If we work together, we can help minimize the damage this nasty virus is causing and helping each other out in a unique way.

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