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How to know you’ll have a unique costume at this year’s Halloween parties

The struggle is real: showing up to a Halloween party dressed as Harley Quinn and seeing that everyone else had the same idea, too… Well, Google has a nifty seasonal tool that gives you ideas for unique costumes this Halloween.

The site is called Google Frightgeist. It’s an interactive map, list and wizard about this year’s Halloween costume trends. Find it on

Source: Storyblocks

Essentially, this website is a pile of collected Google data. The web company gathered together all of the Google searched Halloween costumes from 2019 and organized them on this funny (but useful!) website. 

You have the options to see the top costumes ranked nationally and locally. For example, the number one ranked costume in the country is IT. Go figure, since the scary clown movie sequel came out a few weeks ago. 

Also, see the costume map where each city’s top costume interests are pin-pointed across the US. Surprisingly, Baton Rouge’s top costume is “cattle.” I don’t really know what a cattle costume is (I’m thinking of the Chick-fil-a cow), but here is where the rest of Louisiana’s costume interests lean: 

The most-searched Halloween costume in Baton Rouge has baffled us. (Source: Canva)

Need tips on at-home zombie make up? See more here! 

Finally, use the costume wizard to help you decide what to wear at your next Halloween party! It’s pretty easy and entertaining. 

Just adjust the gears to narrow down your options. Select on a scale of 0-100% your preferred “spookiness” and “uniqueness” levels. Then, select if you’d like a more modern or classic styled costume. And, hit submit — boom! Your endless options of costume ideas narrowed down for you. 

Or, if you really can’t decide what levels and styles of costume you like best, just randomize it. If you click the search button in the top left corner of the page and, then, click “surprise me,” the machine decides for you. 

Seriously, planning your Halloween costume just got easy. Well, that is if you want to follow whatever the Frightgeist gives you. I’ll admit, some of the costume wizard options are pretty silly.