Girl overcomes disability to help her school win archery title

"I just want to win," Benton Elementary School student Rylie Duos says about competing in archery with cerebral palsy.

Benton Elementary School in northwest Louisiana is celebrating a huge victory after students brought home the world title in archery.

One member of that team is Rylie Duos, who was born with cerebral palsy.

But she’s a competitive force to be reckoned with.

Source: KSLA

Reporter: “Now earlier I was watching you shoot and every time if you didn’t hit the bullseye you would get this look in your eye like you were mad, why were you getting so mad?”

Rylie: “I just want to win”

It’s a competitive drive rarely found in a person, much less a ten-year-old with cerebral palsy.

Reporter: “And does that keep from doing anything that you want to do?”

Rylie: (shakes head no)

Reporter: “I can see that”

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Source: KSLA

“That’s what’s just unbelievable about her,” her coach, Autry Lowry said.

“She asked how could she get her score higher, and I told her she needed to get her upper body stronger, and she started doing pushups and planks. And I knew right there, she had me from the word ‘go’,” Lowry said.

Archery is an uncommon sport and in this case, it’s responsible for an uncommon bond.

Lowry is a firefighter and part-time archery coach, who almost quit before he met Rylie Duos.

“She actually just took her first steps at the end of last year.”

“Her first steps. She just started walking. When she first shot she was sitting down in her wheelchair.”

Now, Rylie stands and shoots alongside her teammates, thanks to several people looking to help.

“The base of the stand a guy donated from Wisconsin, and I built the part that holds her bow up. It was kind of an ongoing project, every time she’d shoot it would be back to the drawing board, make some adjustments and increase her score every time,” Lowry said.

A perfect score in Archery is 300. Rylie shot 191 at the World Championships last month. When asked if she thought that was good, she gave me ‘that look’, with her next goal already in mind.

“250,” Rylie said.

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