Where to Get Your King Cakes this Year in Baton Rouge

It's king cake season!! With that, comes the mad rush to get your favorites before the Carnival season is over. Here are our top picks of where to grab the delicious Mardi Gras treat.

Photo Courtesy: Ambrosia Bakery

Ambrosia Bakery

8546 Siegen Lane – Phone: 763-6489

Photo Courtesy: Calandro's Supermarket

Calandro's Supermarket

Government Street: 383-7815 • Perkins Road: 767-6659

Baum's Bakery

Florida Blvd Location 8046 Florida Blvd. Phone: 927-0760 – Perkins Road Location 10550 Perkins Rd. Phone: 767-4838

Photo Courtesy: Gambino's Bakery


8646 Goodwood Blvd – Phone: 928-7000

Photo Courtesy: Thee Heavenly Donut

Thee Heavenly Donut

17732 Highland Rd – 753.7711 5830 – S. Sherwood Forest Blvd. – 368.0090 – 15507 Hwy 44 Gonzales – 622.7797

Photo Courtesy: Alexander's Highland Market

Alexander's Highland Market

18111 Highland Market Drive – Phone: 615-7800

Photo Courtesy: Tiger Deaux-Nuts

Tiger Deaux-Nuts

5162 Government St Phone: 421-1091

Gourmet Girls

3025 Perkins Rd – Phone: 252-0999

Photo Courtesy: Ralph's Market

Ralph's Market

6576 Jones Creek Rd.-225-752-1004

Photo Courtesy: Randazzo

Randazzo's King Cake

Carnival Mart -8696 Florline Blvd.
-225-248-9720 or Capital City Crawfish-5355 Government St.-225-636-2386

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