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Forget pumpkin spiced lattes, order pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa John’s

Pizza in any shape or size is simply perfect. But, this pumpkin-shaped pizza from Papa John’s takes the cake (or pie… pizza pie)!

The adorable pizza resembles your front porch pumpkins. It comes with a pepperoni border and smiley face. Of course, the thin-crust dough is molded to represent the favorite fall vegetable.

Photo courtesy: Papa John’s

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Also, the special pizza arrives uncut. So, you get the full effect when you open the box. That sounds like a prime photo opportunity. 

“We don’t want to smash your pumpkin,” claims Papa John’s. So thoughtful. 

Be the most spook-tacular Halloween party host this year. And, order a large thin crust Jack-O-Lantern Pizza for $11 from your nearest Papa John’s.

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Call, order online or get on the mobile app to place your order. Thanks to the pizza company’s fast and easy ordering system, you get hot, fresh pizza delivered to your door. It makes hosting easier for you and keeps your zombies, monsters and other guests full into the night. 

Pair your prized pumpkin-shaped pizza with other party pleasing packages. Papa John’s offers seasonal Halloween party deals, that may include pizzas, sides, desserts and more. There are multiple Halloween party perfect packages at varying prices. 

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For example, check out the Jack-O-Lantern Deal. You get five large 1-topping pizzas, three bread sides, three desserts AND the Jack-O’-Lantern pizza. You can feed over 15 guests through the whole night for $80. That takes out all of the tedious food planning that comes with hosting a party. 

So, make things easier on yourself, but stay Halloween festive. Order the Jack-O-Lantern Pizza for a limited time.