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Craving a sno-ball now? There’s a new app for that

Why didn’t we think of this? A new app is making finding a delicious sno-ball even easier.

The New Orleans Sno-ball Finder app now allows residents to find a sno-ball stand near them.

The app features over 45 New Orleans sno-ball stands and 250 flavors.

The “find a flavor” function makes it easy to find the flavor users are craving nearest them, or filter by categories like clear and sugar-free.

In addition, users can sort stands by whether they are open in real time, and see other offerings they may have, like snacks.

Users can even save their favorite stands in the app to easily access them anytime, and any new stands not already in the app can be submitted for inclusion. A brief sno-ball history is included in the app as well.

The sno-ball is the quintessential New Orleans treat – dessert, snack, parental bribe, weekend ritual and perfect antidote to heat and humidity. Found in every neighborhood in New Orleans, sno-ball stands open when the weather gets warm and demand spikes.

No two sno-ball stands offer the same flavors, and therin lies the joy of sno-ball research, sampling new flavors from new stands.

Featured snoball stands include Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, Pandora’s, Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls, Plum Street, Lou Lou’s Sno-balls & Ice Cream, Broad St. Sno-balls and more. Download the app for free on iOS here and on Android here