Capital City Unique Eats

Looking for something to tickle your taste buds? Wanting to try something new? Daring to take a walk on the wild side? We've put together a list of must try, unique eats from around Capital City.

Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar - Baked Boudin Oyster

In the south we love oyster and we love boudin. Jolie Pearl has combined the two in their Baked Boudin Oyster, a freshly shucked oyster backed with boudin and topped with pepper jack cheese.

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The Rum House - Duck Duck Goose Taco

The Rum House has a menu overflowing with unique tacos, but one caught our eye and captured our taste buds. The Duck Duck Goose taco is filled with twice-cooked duck topped with a vinegar slaw, tamarind sauce, and duck cracklin’.

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Kalurah Street Grill - Watermelon, Cucumber + Tomato Salad

Looking for a fresh start to a fabulous meal or a light and refreshing meal on a hot day? Kalurah Street Grill’s got the answer. Their watermelon, cucumber, and tomato salad is topped with fresh basil, feta crumbles, and balsamic vinaigrette.

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Roux 61 - Shrimp & Alligator Cheesecake

It’s not often that alligator, shrimp, and cheesecake appear in the same dish, but at Roux 61 they do just that. Succulent shrimp, tender gator, and a rich, savory cream sauce make this unique cheesecake a must not miss.

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Cocha - Criollo

The Criollo at Cocha celebrates the Spanish heritage of the capital city with an international touch. Roasted chicken with peppers and onions sit on top of a bed of jasmine rice and are served with a side of black beans, arepa, and plantains.

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Southfin Southern Poke - Chicken Poke

Southfin Southern Poke is a unique restaurant on its own. One dish, however, is unique in its own right… Chicken Poke.

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Olive or Twist - Poydras Poutine

The Poydras Poutine from Olive or Twist is without a doubt one of our absolute favorite unique eats on this list. Their house frites are smothered with chicken and andouille gumbo, roasted pork, white cheese curds, and jalapenos.

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