Can you catch Carmen Sandiego on Google Earth? We’re trying to!


If there is one thing the people over at Google love doing, it’s making fun (if a bit distracting) games you can play on your browser. From their offline Dino Game to their Pac-Man Doodle, they are all about fun distractions. And this latest one is no different.

It puts your knowledge of geography and history to the test and urges you to see if you can find: Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Put on your detective hat as you travel around the world, interrogate witnesses and collect clues.

I’ll even provide the background music.

She stole the crown jewels, now it’s your job to get them back. So get out there gumshoe. And good luck, you’re gonna need it…

Side Note: I haven’t found her…yet. But that’s only because I was so excited to tell you about this, it’s not like she can escape justice forever… Play the game here: Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?