Have time to spare? Go Bowling at Red Stick Social

Louisiana Weekend Reporter Amanda Kitch checks out the lanes at Mid City's new social house.

A former electrical depot and ice factory turns into a five-story social house, appropriately named Red Stick Social. To check out the new hang-out spot, I put one of their 10 bowling lanes to the test. (see prices and times below)

This building opens up in the middle of Baton Rouge’s downtown improvements. Other than bowling, it offers dining, cocktails, craft beer, live music, and private parties.

With a belly full of the crawfish mac & cheese and the Mexican Madras cocktail, I bowled a few frames. 

Turns out… I’m not that great, BUT I had a lot of fun! I am now seeking bowling lessons, if anyone knows a guy/gal because I think my face explains it all. 

Honestly, this is the coolest place to visit. If you don’t have time to stop in for dinner or lunch, sit down with a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere. The interior renovations are gorgeous!

If you’re not-so-great at bowling, like me, then take a pint through the beer garden. At 30,000 sq ft., there is a lot to explore at this venue. 

Bowling Prices


  • open-5pm –       $8 per game
  • 5pm-close –       $25 per lane per hour


  • open-5pm –       $8 per game
  • 5pm-close –       $40 per lane per hour


  • open-5pm –      $25 per lane per hour
  • 5pm-close –      $40 per lane per hour


  • open-close –     $25 per lane per hour

$4 shoe rental and $2.50 sock rental.
Online booking is available with an applicable reservation charge.

Bowling Specials


  • Bowing $3.33 per game and $3 shoe rental: open-close