Board & Brush (and a glass of wine) make a good night in Baton Rouge

Andrea Lormond owns the only two Louisiana stores of the Board & Brush franchise.

You wouldn’t think alcohol, paint and power tools go well together. But,  Andrea Lormond combined them all into a place called Board and Brush where the good times and creativity flow like wine.

“I said, if I can do it with wine, then anybody can do it,” said Lormond, owner of Board & Brush Baton Rouge. “So , I took it, did it, went off of faith and hope – knowing that Louisiana people love having fun. This was just a perfect fit for it.”

At the White Star Market, Lormond opened the DIY paint studio where you build and paint your own wooden piece. Currently, she owns the only two franchise storefronts in Louisiana. The company originated in Wisconsin

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And if you aren’t the artsy type, the workshop is actually pretty easy.

“When they walk in and I see the worry on their face, the first thing I say is ‘don’t worry. If you can follow directions, you got it,’” said Lormond. 

She wasn’t kidding. All you do is dab the paint on the stencil and VOILA. 

Courtesy of Board & Brush

You can pick from a variety of wood stains, paint colors and frame styles. The possibilities are nearly endless at Board and Brush. It’s meant to be a confidence boosting and relaxing activity.

“It’s super empowering,” said Layna Thibodeaux, Lormond’s sister and employee at Board & Brush. “I love watching women pick up those tools and use them. They go home and they’re ready to do all kinds of projects – hang their décor up and everything- because they know how to use a power drill when they leave”

 And because it’s a BYOB studio, you can expect to have a good time for a night out.

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“You don’t have to go out and party and throw your money away,” said Thibodeaux. “You actually get to invest into something that goes in your home and carries that memory with you always.”

For $68 per workshop, you can bring home a memory. Just be sure to book online ahead of time. You can see the weekly calendar here. Also, there is a special coupon code for first timers: $13 off your first workshop. Use the discount code “BBBATONROUGE” right before you check out. 

The store celebrates its grand opening with free food and wine on Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. They will be giving away 10 free workshops, discounts and door prizes for the first 40 people. 

Board and Brush is conveniently located right next to 3 Tails Wine & Cheese, so if you forget your wine at home, you can sneak in next door to buy a fresh bottle.