BIGFISH: Warm weather leads to spike in speckled trout bite

Captain CT Williams says the recent warm weather has seen a spike in South Louisiana’s speckled trout bite.

Captain CT Williams says the recent warm weather has seen a spike in South Louisiana’s speckled trout bite.

Don’t Worry About The Spillway Opening

Earlier this week, the Bonnet Carre Spillway was opened for the ninth time.

Cold dirty river water from the Bonnet Carre spillway will affect the area’s fishing, but Captain CT Williams says don’t panic yet.

Fishing will be fine short term. The long term effects of the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening are the main concern.

Captain CT Williams says effects from the spillway opening probably won’t be felt for at least a week.

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Experts Say The River Water Will Help You

The fact is, most experts will tell you in the short run the river water can often create fishing opportunities.

“As it compresses the fish down to a certain zone. So if you can find that particular area that’s holding a lot of the baitfish and the salinity, it’s going to compress this humungous lake,” explained Captain Chas Champagne, Lake Pontchartrain charter fishing guide.

“I like to fish from the shoreline of like Car Drive all the way over to Flat Point to Goose Point. Those pockets, they hold a lake style of eelgrass,” said Captain Matt McCabe Lake Pontchartrain charter fishing guide.

“As the water moves into Lake Pontchartrain and comes through the rigolets it jams the fish up in this corner of Lake Borgne, on the Shell Beach coroner of it. They will stay there until it forces them out,” Frank Campo Jr., Owner Campo’s Marina Shell Beach.

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What You’ll Catch

If you regularly fish Lake Pontchartrain, you probably haven’t seen speckled trout biting consistently since the fall.

But Captain CT says the warmer water temperatures have sparked a nice speckled trout bite in the areas of Delacroix and Shell Beach.

Captain CT and Captain Jack Payne caught a box of specks.

Captain Jack Payne expects the bite to continue, “I know for another good two months were going to have trout on the interior of Delacroix. And then they do their natural thing and migrate to the outside to go make babies.”

Captain CT recommends you check the MODIS Today website for daily satellite photos of the dirty river water.

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