Be the envy of the neighborhood with these pool floats

Before you plan your next pool party or visit to the lake, be sure to check out these awesome pool floats. Truthfully, it's going to be very difficult to buy just one of these.

Strawberry Donut

Take a big bite out of summer fun when you go for a float in this gigantic donut! Pink frosting and colorful sprinkles make it look too good to resist, so it’s a good thing it’s made of extra-thick, durable vinyl! For ages 8 and up. Dimensions: Approx. 48″ diam.

There are a couple different color options to choose from.

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Red, White & Blue Ice Pop

When swim season heats up, there’s nothing like a classic 3-flavor ice pop to cool you down. At 6 feet long, this giant inflatable is ready for a day of chill.

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Pizza Slice

Some highlights from this little slice of heaven:

  • Tasty Pizza Crust Head Rest
  • Dual Drink Holders
  • Can be rafted up with a second slice or more
  • Easy to use bungee loop connectors

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Ice Cream Sandwich

The Ice Cream Pool Float is over 6 feet tall once when inflated. Resembles a realistic ice cream sandwich with a bite taken out of it. Comes in a nicely colorful cardboard box. 

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Orange Creamsicle

The Orange Glitter Creamsicle is 6 feet long and perfect for a hot sun filled day on the water.

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The popcorn float has a wide base at the top from the popped kernels, and measures out at over 5 feet long total!

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Tootsie Roll

Officially licensed Tootsie Roll Noodle Pool Float is an oversized Tootsie Roll for the pool. Inflates to over 5 feet long and made of sturdy vinyl. Includes patch kit.

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Who doesn’t love a giant salted pretzel!?!

And this float really cuts the mustard! There is plenty of room for three to share this delightful giant pretzel float, guaranteed to stay crisp and salty even in the pool. Float size 60″.

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Even bacon makes a pool party better!  This meat candy float measures 6 foot long.

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Mr. Taco

You can finally enjoy a delicious taco in the pool—without the mess—thanks to BigMouth Inc. This 5 foot long Giant Taco Pool Float lets you float away the day as you dream of putting down a triplet of crunchy tacos later on. The thick, durable vinyl constructin holds up to 200 lbs, and makes a great float for the beach, pool, lake, or river.

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Not having this pool float can be the pits. If you’re always fighting with the other supermarket shoppers to get the perfectly ripe avocado, you came to the right place. Just inflate our Giant new Avocado Pool Float and enjoy it in the pool without worrying about it going bad before lunch is over. It’s 5 hilarious feet long and already has the pit removed, making it the perfect spot for that boo-tay to relax all summer long. For the guac lovers out there, it’s a great companion to our Beach Blanket!

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Please be sure to invite us if you plan on making a trip to the lake or pool! We would love to try one of these out.