Acai Bowls Arrive in Baton Rouge

The acai bowl has finally made an appearance in Baton Rouge!

The popular new craze has been popping up everywhere recently, and has now arrived to Baton Rouge thanks to the Big Squeezy Juicery. For those who don’t know, the super healthy breakfast from Brazil features the acai berry which has been renowned for its healthy benefits. The bowls take on the consistency of a really thick smoothie and usually are topped with different things like fruit, granola, peanut butter and sometimes even chocolate. Not only is it healthy, filling and delicious, but you’ll feel a whole lot better about this choice versus the oh so tempting morning donut.

You can now try it out for yourself three different ways off the Big Squeezy’s menu. The options range from the super-green packed bowl with spinach and kale, to sweeter versions featuring almond butter and protein powder. All however are topped with instagram worthy fruit, granola and coconut. Head over to any of their four locations in Baton Rouge and grab yours today!