10 Bizarre Christmas Decorations

With your traditional Christmas decorations, there are pretty lights of different colors, a tree, and a festive wreath. Not with this list. We have 10 bizarre Christmas decorations that are very unusual and not the tradition which you may find interesting, creepy, or funny.

Road Kill and Lights

For all you hunting fans out there, this is a funny rendition of having fun with lights with this animal décor. This is a bizarre Christmas decoration because it will definitely catch your eye when you walk into someone’s home. Hopefully they don’t live in the woods…

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Bacon Ornaments

Everybody, especially people in the south, love bacon!! It is loved so much that there is an ornament made on it’s pork stripped goodness. The facial expressions on the bacon strips are hand-drawn so they can be unique and bizarre made Christmas decorations for your viewing pleasure.

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Avocado Ornament

An avocado toast on your tree for a touch of brunch pride. If you like avocado’s and toast then this delectable treat and bizarre Christmas decoration is for you.

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White Christmas Tree

You will really have a White Christmas with this Durafoam Christmas Tree. Have fun this holiday season with this crafty tree your family can decorate and perhaps make a tradition from it.

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Snowball Laucher

This is a bizarre Christmas decoration but cool at the same time. It is a bit questionable though because why would there be a need for a snowball launcher as a decoration. In the wrong hands, it can go from décor to lethal weapon fairly quickly.

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Christmas Skeleton

Why not combine two holidays in one? This bizarre Christmas decoration is in the Christmas spirit with a spooky flare. Don’t be surprise if people are confused on whether to say trick or treat or Merry Christmas.

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Eyeball Ornaments

You can see all of your Christmas holiday spirit with these eyeball ornaments. Keeping your Christmas Tree eye catching will not be a problem with this bizarre Christmas decoration.

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Bloody Red Stockings

Blood transfusions or Christmas stockings. A hospital was very creative in creating these realistic stockings full of fake blood. What a bizarre yet interesting decoration for Christmas that might need to stay in the hospital doors.

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Santa Outhouse

You know Santa has to go too right? To get those presents to the children so the lighter the load the better. This inflatable Bizarre yet funny Christmas decoration can keep you light-hearted this Christmas season.

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Buddy the Elf Wreath

“Son of a nutcracker!” This is a bizarre Christmas Decoration. Your favorite Elf is hung up on a wreath as a display. It is quite funny yet creepy at the same time. This décor will defiantly get many reactions fore sure.


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